My Workspace

Uploading to the cloud

My Workspace is personal to you and allows you to access resources, create and edit lessons and share them with your pupils. For this reason each teacher is able to have their own login.

My Resources

My Resources is a personal library of resources to use in your teaching, so whenever you see a resource you like you can add it by ‘starring’ the resource. As well as the tens of thousands of musical resources available in this website, you can also easily upload your own to this area.

My Lessons

My Workspace pupil groups

Each lesson is a collection, or playlist, of resources. There are two ways to build a lesson:

  • Start with a ready-made lesson and add or remove resources.
  • Create a new lesson by using the search facility to find resources and add these along with anything you already have in My Resources.

This allows you to create your own lessons which can be used in your teaching or shared with your pupils through YUMU. Lessons can also be downloaded for use offline.

My Pupil Groups

It’s very quick and easy to set up whole classes with usernames and passwords for YUMU to enable pupils to access ready-made packages and any lessons you have shared. You can also track pupils’ usage and progress.