Scheme: Scope and Sequence

A step-by-step approach to teaching music in your school

Charanga’s Musical School Scheme provides teachers with week-by-week lessons for each year group in the school, from ages 5–11.

Used by 35,000 specialist and non-specialist teachers globally, it provides lesson plans, assessment, clear progression and exciting whiteboard resources for every lesson.

Charanga Musical School Scheme

Musical School Learning

Charanga Musical School interactive resources

The learning within this Scheme is based on:

  • Listening and Appraising
  • Musical Activities — creating and exploring
  • Singing, Playing Instruments and Performing

Everything is clearly and simply explained and the planning support is extensive.

Interactive Teaching Resources

Because the on-screen resources are so visual, supportive and everything is at your fingertips, each lesson is full of music and the children enjoy every moment.

Musical School Assessment

We’ve looked at all the great thinking that has been done on assessmentand created an easy-to-use framework that’s perfectly suited for both music specialists and non-musicians.

In essence, there are three aspects to the assessment:

  • Aged guidance with the expected musical learning against which to assess
  • One-page lesson plans with the facility for you to formatively (continuously) assess
  • A digital evidence storage facility to help you build a musical profile for classes and individuals

Updates to the Musical School Scheme

We constantly seek to improve what we do and respond to the feedback we receive from teachers.

Our Scheme is regularly refreshed to offer our users a greater variety of progressive resources to challenge children of all ages and abilities. They include new Listening, Appraising and Musical Activities and there’s no need to enable Flash in your browser when accessing them.

Charanga Musical School updates

New units are published throughout the year to inspire and to keep children engaged. They include Music and Identity, the culmination of our partnership with the Brighter Sound music charity. This unit embraces many of the challenges facing young people today and focuses on the roles and achievements of women in the music industry.

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Charanga Musical School updates

"Charanga is absolutely fantastic. I use the rhythm grids as a starter activity in all my classes. The pupils’ understanding of rhythm and the accuracy with which they perform has really improved.

I use the recorder course with my clubs and they love all the songs. I’m also teaching the Hip Hop topic with my Y6s and it’s going really well!"

Yvette Cooper, Music Teacher

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