SEND in Musical School

Supporting inclusive practice

The SEND section in Musical School is dedicated to supporting teachers working with children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. However, whilst the SEND section is a discrete area many teachers use it alongside the main Musical School programme, allowing them to find the most appropriate resources for each learner.

The SEND section has three areas:

1. SEND Scheme – Anyone Can Play

SEND Scheme of ready-made lessons called ‘Anyone Can Play’, has been devised by the Music Unlimited team with their 30 years of experience in special school settings.

This Scheme is suitable for youngsters at any point on the learning difficulty spectrum and is ideal for use by the non-specialist teacher. Although there are whiteboard resources, the Scheme works equally well without them.

2. SEND Freestyle

The SEND Freestyle library section brings together bespoke versions of the most popular Charanga resources from the Musical School programme. These lighter versions can provide a seamless pathway to the main Freestyle section if this is appropriate.


SEND CREATE uses iPads to inspire and nurture school-aged composers, improvisers and performers. Like the SEND Scheme, SEND CREATE has been devised by specialists in this field – in this case Transformance Music.

CREATE offers four unique projects which are suitable for all learners:

  • Make a Music Video
  • Music To Dance To
  • Sensory India!
  • Improvise and Groove

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