Yumu for Students

A safe online learning space for students

Charanga Music World

Teachers are increasingly turning to online learning approaches to educate their students and to supplement traditional classroom methods.

Those using the Charanga platform are adopting Yumu to support their students’ music-making and learning outside the classroom and at home. Yumu currently supports over 1.3 million students.

Accessibility and inclusivity

Yumu is a secure online space where students learn, play and develop their musicianship by:

  • completing assignments that you set using your own favourite resources or Charanga’s
  • engaging in independent learning, chosen from a range of exciting Yumu Packages

Who can use Yumu?

Teachers with licences to use Charanga’s Musical School programme can use Yumu to support every child and young person they teach. It’s quick and easy to set up whole classes with usernames and passwords (in a similar way to MyMaths and Mathletics).

Support for blended, hybrid and home learning

Sharing resources with students and supporting their music-making between lessons via Yumu is effortless. Teachers who are less familiar with the platform need only follow three steps to get started too (assuming that their school has registered for a Charanga trial or subscription).

Support and guidance

To ensure you’re getting the most out of Yumu, our wider platform and all Yumu Packages available, please email training@charanga.com. The videos below illustrate how easy it is to support students working independently at home.

Quick Start Video: Providing Access to Yumu

This video covers how a teacher provides access to Yumu and the various options available for sharing materials with students.

Video contents:

Click the links below to jump to specific points in the video.

Quick Start Video: How Students Access and use Yumu

Once students have been set up with a Yumu account, this video shows them, their parents or carers, how to log into the platform, access its resources and complete any assignments set by their teacher. Teachers and students can log in to find more information, guidance and support on Yumu in our Help section.