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Access fully funded online music education resources today!

The South Australian Department for Education’s Music Education Strategy is partnering with Charanga to offer all South Australian government schools with a primary enrolment the opportunity to register for fully funded access to a suite of online music education resources.

What is Charanga?

  • Charanga is an online music education resource that is designed to help generalist classroom teachers confidently deliver music education in their classrooms, using the latest educational technology.
  • The resource does not assume any prior musical knowledge.
  • The Charanga content is being contextualised for South Australian primary school educators and will provide the additional resources, training and everyday support they might need to enhance their classroom practice – including a vast, customisable library of premium music resources, topics, songs, productions, instrument courses and creative apps to engage their students.

Who is it for?

  • This exciting opportunity is only available to all South Australian government schools with a primary enrolment and is especially for teachers interested in developing their music education skills.

What’s provided?

In general:

  • A fully funded 2-year subscription to Charanga’s online music education platform and resources.
  • Immediate access after registration.
  • Participation at Professional Development Workshops taking place across terms 2–4.
  • A calendar and schedule of workshops will be designed once enrolment numbers and school uptake is known.

For schools not currently using Charanga:

  • Access to a 1-hour online introduction session.
  • Access to a 2-year school subscription provided by Charanga.
  • Funding for 1-day TRT (with the school to contribute 1 TRT day) for a teacher to attend a 2-day Professional Development (PD) program.
  • Funding to support the purchase of a classroom instrument package up to $550.

For schools already registered with Charanga:

  • Funding to support the purchase of classroom instruments to further develop existing programs up to $550.
  • 1-day TRT to participate as a ‘champion of change’ in the scheduled professional development program.

How will the funding be provided?

  • TRT and instrument funding will be allocated to the site RES.
  • Schools will need to provide a financial acquittal for instrument purchases.

*Please note that schools who have recently registered with Charanga or have longer term subscriptions, should contact the Music Education Strategy team at

How do I register?

Simply type the name of your school on the South Australian register page to access the Charanga platform and its suite of online music education resources, free.

For more information or support, email to